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Have a pre-determined time frame in mind, 45-60 minutes is good and usually has enough time space to get points across, get side tracked and bring it back around again.
I listen to 3-4 podcasts regularly and they all generally run about that time, anything longer (longest one I ever listened to was 3 hours and it was tantamount to torture) is too much. People, like myself, tend to listen to podcasts on commute to/from work or when they're doing something else.
Have a loose theme for the show, but don't try to stick to it hard and fast, let conversation flow whatever way it goes.
Check out for some royalty free intro/outro music too. Don't have more than 3-4 people on and don't talk over each other if you can avoid it.

Decide early if you're going Universal or 18+ too...or middle ground, more nudity than a 12A would allow, less violence than a 15 would suggest

I also did a lot of sound editing in college, I can't imagine it's changed too much if anyone needs help there.

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