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If its a mix of everything here, maybe The Transformers Archive Podcast would suffice? Its really boring and unimaginative, but it may convey that the podcast reflects what you can expect to find here.

It would show us using two mediums portraying our subject in a different way. Maybe the unique selling point would be that here is a podcast using the branches of its community first and foremost. Not just four guys in a tin box laughing exaggeratedly at each others comments.

Totally agree with Skywarp's length (Oo-er!) It would need to be policed too, a lot of those Underbase episodes talked interminably about non-Transformers stuff before finally getting around to the subject title e.g. RID Issue 14.

Anyone can make a shite, meandering podcast with crap sound. It takes strength, intelligence, speed, endurance, rank, courage, firepower and skill to make a concise, listenable one.
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