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A professional sounding podcast can be done by almost anyone and it doesn’t cost money. A good execution with some thought and a decent team working on it are more important, I think that's what a lot of people don't have. If you have reasonable laptop with a mic built-in, a quiet room and you keep yourself the right distance from the mic then you’re halfway there. Recording can be done for free and uploaded to a shared Dropbox account.

From there a team could put all the bits together, edit and adjust sound levels as necessary and publish the finished podcast to the Archive. The bit where most people fail is because they twitter on for too long about nothing and no-one can be bothered to edit, and typically one person will be sitting as far away from the mic as possible, talking through a sock.

Oh yeah, and the talking over each other, god that wastes so much time. And they usually want to say the same thing! The most anyone might have to pay is the cost of a shareware recording program.
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