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Smile G1 cars (reissues) for sale

This is semi-speculative just to see if anyone here's all that interested. Conditions are a bit vague and from memory as there's a toddler next door; will have a look at anything anyone's interested during daylight. All prices before shipping; I've tried to just knock a little bit off the cheapest one on ebay

TAKARA COLLECTION REISSUES - all with boxes, instructions, files etc and probably complete
Prowl - IIRC his stickers are a little yellowed but Reprolabels should cover you - 30
Hound - 45

Red Alert - yellowed stickers - 30
Grapple - 25
Tracks - 25

Inferno - loose and complete, with instructions - 15

Jazz - 25
Ironhide - 20
Ratchet - 20
Trailbreaker - 40
Hoist - one 'elbow' broken in packaging; will still clip on in both positions and even move if you're gentle but yeh, still broken - 20

Mirage - 25
Sunstreaker - 25
Wheeljack - 30
Sideswipe - looser than the cheapest whore in Bangkok but undamaged, poor production batch - 10

I am interested in DVDs for partial trade but the ones I'm after are largely quite obscure (for superstitious reasons list also includes a bunch of stuff that's in transit).

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