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Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
A professional sounding podcast can be done by almost anyone and it doesn’t cost money.
I think you're slightly underestimating the amount of work that has to go into these things, don't forget the reason Underbase is cutting drastically back is because the hosts don't have the time in their own lives to keep it up to that standard anymore, and we're all at least as busy as they are. From following various people on twitter and facebook, doing it well does take a huge amount of time and effort, especially with the post production editing.

It'll be people talking toot for an hour or so, as long as it's vaguely coherant I think it'll be OK even if it's not up to professional podcast levels (we'd never equal a BBC podcast for example, if nothing else they're an edited highlights package of a much longer show).

That's not to do down the plans or sound pessimistic, it's just I don't think we want to shoot too high. Especially on the first few.

All being well, Terome and I are going to try experiment with talking to and recording at some point in my fortnight off, if we wind up with something vaguely not awful we might even put it out as a test (I've not told him that yet, it's a fun surprise!).
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