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Admittedly I've only skimmed the posts in question, but I get the impression there's some crossed-purposes going on in regards to "not Professional Level" equating to "sounding like it's been made in a shed with a tape recorder".

There's a difference between wanting it to sound like the most polished thing in the world, and just wanting it to sound as good as possible given the available resources. Nobody wants to hear "well we're not professionals" as an excuse for Radio Ed Wood. Not that I think anybody's saying that, but things seem to be veering toward Binary Argument territory when there's plenty of middle ground to be had.

Just because it's not being done professionally doesn't mean it has to sound like a bunch of amateurs. Professional-sounding DNE professional. Fake it until you make it, etc and so on.

If I've misread the situation, just feel free to ignore me. It's the best thing to do anyway.
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