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Default Top 10 Graphic Novels or collections of completed work

Here is mine:

10) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns-It shows it age but as Frank Miller said "I gave Batman his balls back." and he did now if he and DC would stop doing sequels to it.

9) Kingdom Come-Mark Waid and Alex Ross' masterpiece about heroism is one of DC's best works in 90s.

8) Batman: Arkham Asylum-A Serious House on Serious Earth I'm not a big fan of Grant Morrison but I like this take on Batman and his rouge gallery. Twisted, tragic, and even a little funny.

7) The 12 JMS' post-modern take on WWII heroes who were all put in suspended animation near the end of the war and are finally re-awaken in 21st century is a not only a great character study but a great study on how culture and society have changed.

6) Ronin Frank Miller's graphic novel about a ronin samurai cursed by a demon that gets brings them both back to life in a corrupt 21st century NYC to finish their feud in one of the longest panels in comics.

5) Give Me Liberty Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons' dark political satire feels more like the real world every day.

4) Supreme Power JMS's very dark and violent take on Squadran Supreme was brutal and nasty.

3) Camelot 3000 DC's first official 12 issue maxi-series is sci-fi/fantasy about aliens attacking the world and a teenager finds King Arthur who comes back and along with Merlin who reincarnates the most famous Knights of the Round Table this is was also DC's "mature readers" comic (although it's tame by today's standards) and I believe Sir Tristan is DC's first transgender character and it has their first lesbian kiss and sex scene (again tame by today's standards) Brian Bolland's artwork is still amazing and the story by Mike W. Barr while it's dated in some very cheesy ways (the POTUS is dressed like a cowboy and has shootouts with Congress) and some of the Knights get lost in the shuffle to focus on two love triangles the first being the classic Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot and the second being with Tristan/Isadore/Sir George. There is also a quest for the Holy Grail and a battle on an alien planet.

2) Midnight Nation For me this is the finest work JMS has done in any media a horror/fantasy/adventure series about an LAPD whose soul is stolen by a demon and he falls into the Midnight Nation a limbo where people, animals, buildings, art, and technology that are forgotten winds up, he has one year to get his soul back or he becomes a demon himself he is guided by Laurel, who might be an angel to NYC and meets a future version of himself, a crazy old man, and a blue skinned Devil. At the end of his journey he learns that Laurel has been doing this for a long time and wants out of it but the only way his for her charges to give her their soul and if they do they become trapped between the two worlds and damned to wonder for all time. The artwork by Gary Frank is also the best of his career. He makes Laurel realistic but attractive.

1) Watchmen A great series that broke all the rules and showed that superheroes could be more than escapist fiction.

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