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Time for plan bee-weeoop
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That took some time. Nice to see they're actually looking for input from fans, or at least think it important enough to give the appearance.

I too gave my honest opinion on the '3rd party' stuff. Didn't think to work in Deluxe Groove though. Think I went with Not Applicable to favorite story from the films.
Gave shout outs to RID Scourge, Punch/Counterpunch, and Quickswitch as characters that could use a comeback and more/any characterization.

I did use the Worst Aspect and 'One question you'd ask the team' questions to bitch about distribution, and even worked in a bit about Europe getting screwed on CW Wave 2 in response to a different question.

I was annoyed about the number only answer for some of the questions. I'd have rather given a rough range than a solid number on amount spent or number owned. Thinking about it, I probably undershot my guess on number owned by a lot. I haven't counted in... ever.
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