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Eh, price is out of the window really. Basically nothing in UK stores comes close to justifying the bloated RRP; I'm not going to beat myself up about paying 30~ for a nice toy like Bee when that's the same price as a terrible CW figure like Blocktimus Prime or Blandbolt. Size is an irrelevance, a hiding place for idiots who spend money on Fortress Maximus when he's got the articulation of a Micromaster.

I did think double-packs but that'd be a lot of engineering budget (and licensing) spaffed. Though I suppose Brawn, Huffer and Gears are based on generic cars, which might help. And all that crazy South American stuff would mean they could put out a repaint a month until about 2028.

Like I say, the best thing is that Takara have form for making the toy first and just putting it out at whatever price works (CR Build Boy, Prime Breakdown) for them when they're not particularly thinking about Hasbro; the two companies are probably more separate at the moment than they have been since before Armada in terms of output. So yeh, wouldn't be surprised by "vanilla" figures with a moderately lower price.
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