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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Yeah, I can't really judge where my dislike of the toy starts and my dislike of Ironhide ends.
Yeah. No matter how good of a G1 Ironhide they make it's never going to appeal all that much to me, because G1 Ironhide is a nothing character with a terribly bland character model. No matter how good of a job they do it's still going to be boring.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Like I say, the best thing is that Takara have form for making the toy first and just putting it out at whatever price works (CR Build Boy, Prime Breakdown) for them when they're not particularly thinking about Hasbro; the two companies are probably more separate at the moment than they have been since before Armada in terms of output. So yeh, wouldn't be surprised by "vanilla" figures with a moderately lower price.
Generally I'd agree with that, but that's why the original MP Bee got under my skin so much -- it was clearly smaller and cheaper to make than Prowl or the like but they crammed in that half-assed Spike that nobody wanted in order to justify selling them for the same price. The lower MSRP on G2 Bee was a pleasant surprise but that's what they should have been selling him for to begin with.

Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
I could go with that, but how about some f***ing Decepticons for a change!?
Didn't Takara claim that this was going to be "the year of the Decepticons?" I'm pretty sure that Exhaust and two Seekers that've already been done twice over weren't what anyone had in mind when we heard that...
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