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I'd love a bit of balance but... it's difficult to see what they'll do. Soundwave's done; Megatron's one where they've got a big decision to make over the alt mode (i.e. whether to go for scale in the handgun mode or not) and any market for Seekers scaled down to be a head over the Autobot cars has been throughly diluted by the milking of the original mould. Which leaves Shockwave (who has been saturation-bombed by 3P manufacturers like no-one else in MP) and the Insecticons who wouldn't really fit into the line's ethos thus far and maybe Blitzwing/Astrotrain (ditto once you've factored in zany colours).

The Decepticons sadly just aren't very MP-friendly. But it surely can't be too long before a Megatron in scale with MP-10...
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