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Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
I could go with that, but how about some f***ing Decepticons for a change!?
Leading to...

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post

Didn't Takara claim that this was going to be "the year of the Decepticons?" I'm pretty sure that Exhaust and two Seekers that've already been done twice over weren't what anyone had in mind when we heard that...
No, Takara never did claim that. It was a hopeless misinterpretation of a tranlslation that got a following before it was proved totally false.

I don't necessarily find the Decepticons as MP-friendly as the Autobots are.

The seekers are quick and dirty repaints of Starscream; no explanation there. Soundwave is iconic enough and has all the cassettes...few others share this combo of those two moulds.

Megatron and Galvatron are almost guaranteed [when is the big question], but the rest are either too big and unimportant, or too small and unimportant enough.

All MP cars thus far besides Bumblebee [and by extension, Ironhide] are hiding behind easy repaints/retools and very marketable alt modes, and has been stated in numerous reviews so far.

The Decepticons that can boast this and fit into smaller-priced MP releases are few or require additional tooling [ie Stunticons].

This could be turned around though; never thought we'd get MP Cars or Star Saber and Primal in the past
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