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Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
Well to be honest, those two lines had very few Autobots either - ones that weren't redecos anyway. And Battlestars didn't have any Decepticons at all.

EDIT: Except for Megatron. I can't believe I forgot that.
No, you were right first time. There was no Megatron toy released in Battlestars.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I'd love a bit of balance but... it's difficult to see what they'll do. Soundwave's done; Megatron's one where they've got a big decision to make over the alt mode (i.e. whether to go for scale in the handgun mode or not) and any market for Seekers scaled down to be a head over the Autobot cars has been throughly diluted by the milking of the original mould. Which leaves Shockwave (who has been saturation-bombed by 3P manufacturers like no-one else in MP) and the Insecticons who wouldn't really fit into the line's ethos thus far and maybe Blitzwing/Astrotrain (ditto once you've factored in zany colours).
Trypticon (lolrite). Some of the Scramble City teams. The blink-and-you'll miss 'em cassettes. Y'know, Slugfest and the other one. Overbite. Jawbreaker. Cackle. Whatever. Then there's the movie trio (I know their are 3Ps on the horizon, but it doesn't preclude it).

Oh, and what's the other one... oh yeah that's right I remember.


(Really want MP Ramjet. Hopefully he'll come with a miniature horse he can nut.)
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