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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
For what it's worth, have given honest answers to the 3P questions.
I was really surprised to even see that section in there, let alone that it called out specific third-party groups. Doesn't admitting that other companies are using your characters and not doing anything to stop them weaken your IP protection? Or does that only apply to things like logos, trademarks and such?

Nice to know that they're trying to understand the craze, though.

Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
That survey took a while. It was kind of annoying that the questions with a number answer only allowed digits. I wanted to put "a few hundred" for how many I own, but that got rejected, as did "100+". Questions about cost couldn't parse out the dollar sign. Only allowing digits is going to make answers from other countries with different currencies unreliable.
Yeah, speaking as someone who programs surveys for a living...this one wasn't the greatest. That's what happens when you make your own with SurveyMonkey instead of hiring a professional, though.

Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
And if my favourite toyline is G1, the questions about missing/overrepresented characters don't really seem to apply
Same for me with Beast Wars. The only response I could think of was "Ravage". A lot of the questions seemed to be written with the assumption that everyone's favourite toyline was going to be one of the ones that are currently ongoing.
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