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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
This could be turned around though; never thought we'd get MP Cars or Star Saber and Primal in the past
Oh yes... Up until only a few years ago MP was basically a joke with its' billions of Convoy re-releases, Megatron and not much else, to the extent that I'm mildly surprised the relaunch wasn't rebranded and/or renumbered.

But now... Star Saber especially basically shows all bets are off - huge non-licensed relatively obscure character with zero repaint potential - but the Autobot cars are clearly set to be the bread and butter of the line for the next few years, and that's probably going to result in rank & file Decepticons moving to one side. It'll be interesting to see how SS sells and how quickly he's followed up, mind - the reissue of Star Convoy back in the day was a clear toe-tester to reissuing the big later Japanese exclusives and that died; may be we see get the same phenomenon. It's always worth remembering that all those fancy Japanese exclusives are profile-wise the equivalent to Action Masters and Vehicle Pretenders for much of their domestic audience.
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