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Thinking on Shockwave, would they even be able to do him as an MP? The toy (and therefore presumably the design?) is one of the ones owned by another company isn't it? Would that affect them being able to do an accurate Masterpiece rather than a general homage as most of his/"Shockblast's" other toys are?
Eh, my hunch is 'no'. I only half-remember but I think the Shockwave design was purchased outright by Hasbro at the time (hence the Japanese release back in the day; I think he was unique for not being a Takara design in the initial Japanese line).

It certainly wouldn't affect making new toys I don't think either way - Classics Roadbuster flies close enough to the original to have roused attention if this sort of thing was a problem.

As I say it'll be interesting to see how T-T handle someone like him who's been 3P'd so comprehensively. It's not like Springer or someone where a $20 mass-retail kid-aimed figure isn't going to suffer from a few sales bled off by Warbot Defender; people are less likely to import if he's five, six times that and they've already spent $200 or something on an alternative. I wonder how much they're factoring in overseas orders? Is it 1% of their business for MPs? 10%? 50%?
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