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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
The Decepticons sadly just aren't very MP-friendly. But it surely can't be too long before a Megatron in scale with MP-10...
Galvatron is the most obvious omission for me. Megatron I can understand because of the triple-barrelled problem of scaling the alt-mode, actually engineering the thing to be not-terrible and not being able to count on amortizing the design costs with a later Hasbro release. But with both a Rodimus and a Magnus in the MP line Galvatron would seem like a no-brainer.

In general though, almost all the 'Cons that people might want would land in the larger, MP-10 size bracket and that makes it a lot harder to get them made. Plus you've got the hidebound Japanese "bad guys don't sell!" mentality working against them.

I do wish they'd do a smaller Seeker mold, if only because the first one really isn't any good, but like you say they seem to be really committed to making every cent they can off of the old one.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Yeah, the most obvious car one that springs to mind would be Runabout and Runamuck. Considering that's basically one toy into two right off the bat there may be some appeal there, but they're probably a bit too niche for a brand new mould I'd have though.
Those two are actually two completely different cars actually, so it would be at least as tough as getting a Cliffjumper from Bumblebee.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
No, Takara never did claim that. It was a hopeless misinterpretation of a tranlslation that got a following before it was proved totally false.
Good to know!

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Thinking on Shockwave, would they even be able to do him as an MP? The toy (and therefore presumably the design?) is one of the ones owned by another company isn't it? Would that affect them being able to do an accurate Masterpiece rather than a general homage as most of his/"Shockblast's" other toys are?
Absolute worst-case scenario, they'd have to get a licence from ToyCo. But they've actually got a working relationship with them (apparently ToyCo made some TF:Prime-branded stuff?) so it's probably not an unclearable hurdle.
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