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Cool info on Shockwave peeps.

The complete absence of Cone Heads despite the seeker toy clearly being the workhorse of the range (and it's put out with enough frequency to suggest it's a steady seller even now) still amazes me. I get putting on a new head and wings (though with the wings they'd have probably gotten away with leaving them the same if they'd done it with the original seeker and the accent on "Realism") adds to the cost more than painting Starscream green, but Ramjet would have to sell better than Acid Storm and he at least has the extra repaint potential with the G2 scheme.

The way it's going we'll see a Starscream based on the one in Blitzwing's colours on the cover to the first part of Decepticon Dam-Busters before Thrust.

On Galvatron, as well as his name recognition (the film characters are probably the last in the line that feel like an automatic shoe-in for the range as it is now) the fact he's instantly got two colour schemes that he could be released in and likely sell well in both-indeed, I could see people buying both-- makes his absence to date even odder.
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