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Galvatron is the most obvious omission for me. Megatron I can understand because of the triple-barrelled problem of scaling the alt-mode, actually engineering the thing to be not-terrible and not being able to count on amortizing the design costs with a later Hasbro release.
Yerp; as awful as the existing MP Megatron is it's quite hard to see what can actually be done about him. Considering the character's huge profile and the general acknowledgement that there's never been a good G1 Megatron figure (even the AM doesn't have the cannon!) the apparent lack of 3P alternatives says a lot for the engineering challenge. I personally would be okay with an MP-10 scale version with the G1 robot mode and a vague "Cybertronian tank" alt mode but I can see why it won't happen.

Plus you've got the hidebound Japanese "bad guys don't sell!" mentality working against them.
Yeh, this is possibly the biggest problem. SoC has featured occasional villains but probably at a rate of 1:15 at best; even Gundam largely only gets away with "anti-hero" stuff and generally goes to great lengths to avoid outright villainising the other side. The pattern's already been there with Binaltech, Car Robots, the tail end of G1, etc. - any line where they just go ahead and call the shots without genuine co-production with Hasbro sees the bad guys get stiffed. In this sort of context Masterpiece hasn't done so badly, especially when it's worth remembering that the Autobots massively outnumbered the Decepticons throughout G1 anyway.

I do wish they'd do a smaller Seeker mold, if only because the first one really isn't any good, but like you say they seem to be really committed to making every cent they can off of the old one.
AFFIRMATIVE; I would probably put down for the thing in multiples too. I'd personally have thought it was a no-brainer - Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker (cartoon/toy colours), Sunstorm, Acidstorm etc. would give them a steady stream of cheap repaints to intersperse with the coneheads as a retool (probably not much more drastic than that done to, say, Red Alert) would be easy money, but as they're still using the original I'd say it's not happening for the forseeable.

Those two are actually two completely different cars actually, so it would be at least as tough as getting a Cliffjumper from Bumblebee.
Yesssss... and they're really, really nobodies in Japan. No Beavis and Butthead stuff, no shelf-warming original toys (IIRC they were skipped in Japan), no interaction with the pre-Movie guys... they're just a couple of chaps who hung around for a couple of scenes in TF2010.

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