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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
As I say it'll be interesting to see how T-T handle someone like him who's been 3P'd so comprehensively. It's not like Springer or someone where a $20 mass-retail kid-aimed figure isn't going to suffer from a few sales bled off by Warbot Defender; people are less likely to import if he's five, six times that and they've already spent $200 or something on an alternative. I wonder how much they're factoring in overseas orders? Is it 1% of their business for MPs? 10%? 50%?
I'd hazard a guess that Western sales don't make up too big of a chunk, else Exhaust probably would have been cancelled when all the big Western sites started getting hit with legal threats. But it's still probably an appreciable chunk considering how many hundreds of the things wind up over here. And they probably get a cut when Hasbro goes on to use the molds later, too, since it seems like Hasbro isn't chipping in on the design costs like they would with a Generations toy.

As far as 3P output effecting official Masterpieces, IMO it's not a simple equation. The popularity of the character is a huge factor -- a top name like Shockwave probably has better odds than a second-tier guy like Sludge. And the relative quality of the toys is a big deal too -- you're right that cost is a factor but part of why people dropped Warbot Defender so quickly is that the Hasbro Springer made it look like primitive garbage.

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On Galvatron, as well as his name recognition (the film characters are probably the last in the line that feel like an automatic shoe-in for the range as it is now) the fact he's instantly got two colour schemes that he could be released in and likely sell well in both-indeed, I could see people buying both-- makes his absence to date even odder.
I suspect he'll pop up in the next couple years, now. With both Primes, Grimlock and Magnus all done, I'd be hard-pressed to think of any Autobots in the "big" size class who'd out-sell him. Jetfire maybe, but that's a bit of a stretch. PM Prime would probably do okay over here but I don't know if any Japanese fans actually care about Ginrai.

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Yerp; as awful as the existing MP Megatron is it's quite hard to see what can actually be done about him. Considering the character's huge profile and the general acknowledgement that there's never been a good G1 Megatron figure (even the AM doesn't have the cannon!) the apparent lack of 3P alternatives says a lot for the engineering challenge. I personally would be okay with an MP-10 scale version with the G1 robot mode and a vague "Cybertronian tank" alt mode but I can see why it won't happen.
The 3P Megatrons I've seen all seem to put all their effort into the robot mode at the expense of the gun looking terrible. Which is probably the right way to go really, but even then the results (while better than the official MP Megs) really aren't that inspiring. Personally I'd love an MP G2 Megatron, but since that toy only came out in Japan as Megastorm a decade later I don't think it's too likely. Which is probably why I'm so antsy for a Galvatron...

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AFFIRMATIVE; I would probably put down for the thing in multiples too. I'd personally have thought it was a no-brainer - Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker (cartoon/toy colours), Sunstorm, Acidstorm etc. would give them a steady stream of cheap repaints to intersperse with the coneheads as a retool (probably not much more drastic than that done to, say, Red Alert) would be easy money, but as they're still using the original I'd say it's not happening for the forseeable.
Assuming it was good and actually looked like the character model, I'd probably track down at least a couple. Right now I'd rather have a bunch of Classics Seekers than an MP, because even though the Classics Seeker really shows its age it at least gets the look right.
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