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There was a question about what I'd like to see, so I just went for saying something fresh and innovative as it just feels a bit like we're coasting on G1 retreads and Movie guff at the moment.
Without derailing the thread a lot, this is something I touched upon as well, and further expanded on it...

Much like Star Trek and Star Wars, the story, premise and setting has a scope to be a grand epic sci-fi series. You get the war, you get Megatron, you get Prime...yet every few years all we get is a continuity reset, and oh well, here we go again...

The only time I really felt the series expand was the transition from G1 to BW. It's an ongoing war, these robots are basically immortals...why not centre one series [first one] on Prime and Megatron, and the sequel series gets to time jump 100-200 years forward, with new heroes fighting elsewhere, and new technology into play, etc etc...

It's a really basic idea that works for other franchises. Macross has a single continuity that spans over 50 years in length, and you actually get to see technological advances, war on other fronts, and characters from earlier shows getting older/older and on other places in the galaxy, etc etc.

Derailing over
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