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Derailing over
That's what you think!

I touched on a similar idea, though I approached it more from a toyline perspective. I commented on how the newer lines all seem very "safe" from a character design and toy-engineering perspective. I used Beast Wars as my example of what I'd like to see more off -- oddball robots with unconventional transformations -- but the early movie lines provided a lot of the same things as well. Even G1 could be an example too, with so many different robots sourced from so many different original lines followed up by a pile of varying gimmick sublines.

It just seems that in general, as Transformers has become more and more of a successful juggernaut of a franchise, Hasbro has become more and more conservative in how they manage it on all fronts. The toys and the media have both been boxed in by convention to a greater extent than they were in the dark days when the brand's popularity was on the wane.
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