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Smile Rewatched season 1 of the G1 cartoon

(Because I hate myself)

... and there's one thing I noticed that I don't think I'd ever really twigged before.

(I mean other than every episode having at least one key plot point that makes zero sense whatsoever.)

Aside from Optimus making a comment about him rolling as well as an Autobot, nobody ever mentions the fact that Chip's in a wheelchair. Not one single dialogue acknowledgement. And casting my mind back, I don't think that changes in season 2 (although I've got a nagging suspicion about Desertion of the Dinobots).

Seriously, unless I've missed something, in the first season there's absolutely nothing. No mention of the chair at all, let alone anything to indicate why he's in one. Apart from occasionally lying around waiting to be picked up, he's treated exactly the same as all the other human characters (apart from the thing where he's vaguely competent). It's neither important nor relevant, so they flat-out refuse to let it come anywhere near the bounds of what defines the character.

And that's ****ing superb. Especially for something made in the mid 80s by people who would later come up with the ****ing Primacron plotline.

So yeah, well done Sunbow.
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