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Portraying disabled characters in a non patronising way is a good thing, but constantly putting one in situations where their disability would affect things but ignoring it is arguably just as bad (though in fairness I can't really remember anything Chip does after his first episode where he's rolling about the desert sticking things on Thundercracker(?), so this may have improved). It reminds me of that Ghostbusters cartoon where one of them was in a wheelchair and they did things like cheerfully going down sewers through drains that were clearly not wide enough for their wheelchair to get through.

Plus, even in the 80's the Autobots presumably had the technology to create that Circuit Breaker style exo-suit from Return of Optimus Prime to let the poor guy walk. Did they though? No, the bastards.

I watched More Than Meets the Eye over the weekend, I'd actually forgotten what a nice subversion the ending is, the normal Saturday Morning Cartoon thing to do would be for Prime to sort everything out when he blasts off with Sideswipe's jetpack. His total failure (and fantastic pissed off reaction, which is about the only place he sounds like Bay Prime in the whole thing) and it being Mirage of all people--complete with just enough of a presence earlier on so that it doesn't feel like he came out of nowhere as would have been the case if it had been, say, Windcharger--is actually pretty smart writing.

Which makes it feel as if it was written by someone else than the person who did the really painful scripting in the rest of it. "Look, a meteorite!" "Another one!" "They're going to collide!", what is this, audio description for the blind?
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