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Portraying disabled characters in a non patronising way is a good thing, but constantly putting one in situations where their disability would affect things but ignoring it is arguably just as bad (though in fairness I can't really remember anything Chip does after his first episode where he's rolling about the desert sticking things on Thundercracker(?), so this may have improved). It reminds me of that Ghostbusters cartoon where one of them was in a wheelchair and they did things like cheerfully going down sewers through drains that were clearly not wide enough for their wheelchair to get through.
There's an episode where they all go to Cyberton and the Decepticons conjure up some metal-destroying acid rain that affects the Autobots but not Chip's wheelchair, IIRC.

I think it would have nice if they'd have had an ethic minority regular character as well. Spike, Sparkplug, Daniel, Carly, Marissa Faireborn, Chip... The Transformers are colourful but their human friends are not! At least in the comics we had Walter Barnett and the chat show host woman in Wrestling/King Con.
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