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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
I watched More Than Meets the Eye over the weekend, I'd actually forgotten what a nice subversion the ending is, the normal Saturday Morning Cartoon thing to do would be for Prime to sort everything out when he blasts off with Sideswipe's jetpack. His total failure (and fantastic pissed off reaction, which is about the only place he sounds like Bay Prime in the whole thing)
That was great wasn't it? To see a leader fail and be a grumpy, annoying bastard about it, only for posh tart Mirage to do it right AND properly annoy Megatron. Proving it wasn't only the main character who was allowed to make the big changes. Its a bit like having Ram-man or Stratos save the day in a He-Man movie.

Maybe that's why I enjoyed Age of Extinction so much; because Prime seems so fed up and annoyed about everything; after spending three films trying to help everyone and being excellent in each one, especially when every other robot is either forgettable or a bit of a spaz.

Shooting TV's Frazier through the chest felt like the coming full-circle of movie Prime's career, and I totally love him for it. If only tech spec mottos could change according to experience: I'd have wanted his to read "It doesn't matter how much you help them, sometimes people are just dicks".

He's a bit like Steve Zissou by the end. I love jerk Prime... and jerk Prime was right there 30 years ago, only with a bit more John Wayne!
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