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I dunno, I think just about every incarnation of Prime (obviously excluding shit like Armergtron or the silly crap one that I've not bothered watching) has had a bit where he's just had en-****ing-ough. Crisis of Command in the comic where he comes up with some vague pretense to cover his desire to just go and beat the shit out of all the Decepticons, Prime Target in the cartoon where he can deal with the Decepticons bothering him every week but some idiot game hunter just tips him over the edge, TF:TM where you know if the camera had cut across a second earlier he'd be facepalming and going "Nice one Dinobots, that was exactly what I ****ing meant", ROTF where he just bursts through a factory wall and shoots absolutely everybody...

By comparison Emo PM Prime really hasn't aged well.

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Ahh, that famous ethnic minority of Feminists.
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