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That's certainly true. I didn't even think of those comparisons when I wrote the last post.

I just feel like AoE had the benefit of being so full of metal and wonderful, pulsing, crunching sound-effects together with Cullen's now old gravelly, rasping voice. It really nails what I've seen Prime display plenty of times in the comic... now with all that brilliant noise and anger. I guess I just don't get tired of it, because especially in the comics, like you say, it was joy when he'd had enough of agonising and let rip.

I like to think that, what with The Wreckers, Sentinel and other things appearing in the live action movies, some of the people responsible for the films have read the Marvel UK material and are channelling elements of Crisis of Command, Target: 2006 etc.

So pissed off, Mr. full-on Prime in the films only exists because Hendrix Prime was there all those years ago in the comics doing his thing we like, and they saw it & wanted some of that for their Prime too.

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