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Surprisingly, I think that's true. When I've attempted to watch stuff like Thundercats or He-Man, they were so bad that I just couldn't do it. Transformers at least makes for decent background noise, and some episodes are perilously close to being good.
Maybe I'm just forgiving when it comes to childrens' entertainment (the reason is probably right there in the name), but the biggest fault in a lot of the cartoons I've watched, particularly those of the 80's, is falling victim to taking the easy way out in how they present the conflict between good and evil; that being making the villains too stupid and incompetent to be menacing but still having enough character to further highlight the protagonists' conversely bland and boring personalities (if they have any at all), to say nothing of the latter's self-righteous preachiness all the more painful to listen to.

On that note, I find Transformers having both enough personality on both sides of the conflict (even if it's not always consistently portrayed) to not make you root for either side too easily, and the occasional moment of moralism is subtle enough to work, such Prime's first line after being resurrected in War Dawn.

It's not as blatant and out-of-the-blue as the sudden "stranger danger" PSA in one episode of Dinosaucers that goes on for at least a whole minute and even has the supposed villains agree with it.

Hell, the Aerialbots are a personification of internal conflict within the good guys faction, which is an exceedingly rare thing to see in an 80's cartoon.
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