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Smile Got a spare MMC Hexatron going

Hey there humans,

Due to a long and boring story, I've got a spare Masterminds Creations Hexatron going. It's the recent "Continuum" re-release, which supposedly has chrome parts but no katana or shuriken.

I say supposedly because it's still sealed and there's no window for me to check. Something's moving in the box, but it sounds like the instruction manual just shifting around.

Cost me 95.00. I'm open to offers or trades or whatever.

Things I'm particularly interested in as follows:
- Generations Waspinator
- Generations Rattrap
- Generations Springer
- Generations Roadbuster
- Generations Scoop

- BBTS reissue of Piranacon

Also pointing me in the direction of where to get Demolition Crue Apex / Geminus for less than the cost of a new kidney will hold you in good stead. See, I even accept information as currency!

Contrary to the appearances I try to maintain, I'm quite amiable, so am open to discussion or suggestion and other sorts of stuff if you think you've got something else I might be interested in. And I don't mean your body.


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