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Yeh, in relative terms the cartoon isn't bad compared to the stuff around it. Voltron's not too bad as long as you avoid any episode where someone died in the Japanese version, which is where the edits get really painful. G.I. Joe's a bit up and down - there are good episodes (the ones with Shipwreck in them) and bad episodes (the ones without Shipwreck in them). Gobots can actually be fun at times because it's so silly, so badly written and so badly made. It suffers from the same problem as G1 later on with such a huge focus on the central characters but every now and then they come up with a really fun 'guest' character - who then does nothing the following week.

Rewatching Prime with my toddler at the moment and quite enjoying... Not quite got the punch of first viewing because I'm not quite so hugely grateful that it's not Fanimated but most of it stands up pretty well when you remember it's still basically aimed at eight-year olds. Prime just being prepared to die like a bitch from the cold is pretty bad, though - it's like someone let Furman write him or something.

EDIT: Yeh, the relative scarcity of the cartoon in the eighties and nineties did its' reputation no end of good to me. Allowing for the fact we got a higher proportion of Season 3 due to it not being on the telly (so Nightmare Planet, Carnage in C-Minor etc.) the Season 1-2 episodes released seemed to have been very carefully picked for the most part.

And then they came out on DVD...
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