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I think Attack of the Autobots has to be the worst episode of season 2. Possibly even the entire run.

I mean sure other episodes have their own assaults on the notions of quality, continuity and sense. I mean sure Megatron used to routinely botch things by not bothering to tell the other Decepticons his plans. I mean sure just shooting Starscream in the head after the first episode would have been the sensible thing to do. I mean sure it took until 2005 for Megatron to realise there was mileage in the notion of just setting phasers to kill. But...

I mean come on.

The notion that not once in the time after this episode did any of the Decepticons say "hey remember that invisibility spray you used to sneak into the Autobot base and reprogram their recharger to make them evil... why don't we use that again for something?"

****, man.

I'm watching this shit and all I can hear is Kryten saying "or we could just use the invisibility spray."

Anybody wanting to change the thread title to "Brend rewatches all the cartoon; place your bets on exactly when he'll snap and kill us all" is welcome to crack on.

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