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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
the mayor of a small town in Oregon would somehow inherit the authority to sentence people to interstellar exile.
Point of order, it's never established as Oregon in the cartoon so he could actually have been mayor of somewhere really important. Based on a close study of all the geographical evidence in the episodes (a volcano by itself rather than in a range, in a place no one would ever notice a giant spaceship sticking out the side of it in thousands of years of humans occupying America, in a desert except when there's a forest outside, next to the sea except when it isn't) I can conclusively prove that the Ark is slap bang in the middle of Madeup****ingnowheresstate.

In fairness on the invisibility spray, the Autobots could have taken measures against it so as to make it impossible for the Decepticons to do the same again. Like, for example, reprogramming Teletran to tell them when invisible Decepticons are in the Ark and doing things to their recharge slabs rather than waiting till it's asked about it afterwards.
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