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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Like, for example, reprogramming Teletran to tell them when invisible Decepticons are in the Ark and doing things to their recharge slabs rather than waiting till it's asked about it afterwards.
Teletraan-1 really is ****ing weird. They've got this omniscient computer with its own spy satellite, which is more than capable of sorting out the week's plot within twenty seconds... and the only time they ever seem to remember is when Chip pipes up with "well I know, why don't we ask Teletraan-1".

Chip Chase should be Autobot leader.

While I understand the logic behind Metrodome's DVD ordering, it does end up being really ****ing bizarre that the season 2 credits are 90% characters who don't turn up until over a dozen episodes in. Imagine watching this with a child. "Who's that? Who's that? Why aren't they in it? Why are they still not in it? When are they in it?"
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