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You'd have thought with the film coming and with it being well on the road to being finished by the time the later season 2 episodes went into production they'd have done a bit more to smoothly mesh into it. Not in a way that would depend on seeing the film to make sense (mind, they kick off season 3 with a story that's a big **** off to everyone who didn't see the film, there's what, a ten second voiceover to try and explain the drastic change in status quo?) or might affect things being shown out of order in reruns too much. Just simple things. Do a story where the Autobots establish bases on the moons, end the season with a two parter where the Protectobots are introduced properly in an Ark Duty style story about building Autobot City.

Just small things that wouldn't be intrusive to the overall flow of the show but would make that transition less drastic. There are a lot of places where the second year feels completely rudderless.
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