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Finished it the other night. Largely found it to be very enjoyable; I only dip into your blog from time to time as a lot of the original posts have coincided with baby stuff so it was a nice fresh read. Found you have a good feel for the level of "summary" detail that works for a book like this - i.e. no solid eye-glazing synopsises that get skipped but plenty of contextual information rather than "What Prime's saying on page 9 is stupid!". Lots of fresh theorising on there and the approach in general felt nice and fun, especially the willingness to admit you'd over/under-estimated several stories before this reading approach. Going to be a fun thing to dip in and out of whenever I'm re-reading stories myself, and looking forward to a second pass and picking out some specifics to go over. It also pulled a lot of information that's probably buried across Wikis and IDW trades together, which was really handy as I personally won't buy the latter as I have no need, and there are probably a lot of people with Titan trades who feel the same.

Nicely presented too, found the format really good and the typos unobtrusive, though there's a spell about 80% in where a few columns reverse order that is quite disorientating.

Negatives for me I'm afraid; some of the preambles haven't aged well and make the book read like some old blog posts pasted into Lulu; we're probably only talking a handful and it's something I can emphasise as I often find the hardest part of any review or similar to write is a preamble before launching into the nitty-gritty. But some really are "WTF?" and jerk you right out of the book by not really linking into the main body well, just being whatever was relevant a year or two before.

The ones where this was largely dispensed with in favour of "well, last week I said this so let's see how it goes" really did flow better in the context of the thing being a book rather than a blog archive, and I must confess my eyes skipped over some of these and just latched onto the first paragraph that was actually about the comic itself.

But overall a hugely enjoyable read, very much looking forward to the second volume and I'm sure I'll be re-reading before then.
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