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With that last bit you've actually hit upon one of the harder parts of turning this into something that worked solely as a book rather than a collected website. Cutting out all the contempoary references actually would have been fairly easy (and a lot did go), but I did very much want to keep the feel of this being a "Journey" in real time where the stuff going on in my life did have an impact--be it good, such as the fun of reading Enemy Within whilst sat at a bar near Simon Furman, or bad, hello ReGeneration One fans!---on how I went into each issue.

Making that still flow well though was tricky (just changing the tenses was rarely enough) so I'm not surprised some of it has wound up a bit chunky.

The other tricky thing was not heavily reworking my opinions. Up to three years later some of my thoughts have shifted a bit (especially as I reread everything again, and doing it quickly creates a different feel to weekly), but I wanted to keep the "This is what I thought as I did it" approach. The only area I cheated there was with Robo Capers as I enjoyed them a lot more this time round. As I'd only talked about a few of them on the blog I thought it'd be sensible to bring those bits more in line with the new material I was writing so as not to look completely schizo.
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