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Speaking of price wars, I do love the person who has set up a second Amazon page for the book so they can try and fleece idiots with extortionate prices:

410 for a new copy. But only 291 for a used one (which has actually gone up from last week when it was worth 110). Except the used copy will be exactly the same as a new one as I've not sold enough for there to be a second hand market (and the bulk of those are signed, which I say should make it worth more than a new one!) so this person will just order a copy and send it to you regardless of what you pay.

Are Amazon good at sorting out this sort of thing if you contact them? Whilst this greedy tit is entitled to try and make as much money as they can, I think it should at least be merged with the proper Amazon page for the book so people can have the choice/not thinking there's just stupidly priced versions out there because they only see the one page and so don't buy (which is more of a concern for me).

Oh, and it's both back in stock on the proper Amazon page after not being so for a couple of weeks (why I'm not sure when they just order a copy from Lulu when you buy from them. They're claiming to only have ten in stock), and if anyone wants free postage it's on the Book Depository as well, three pence more for some reason I can't fathom though.

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