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Wink I guess Torchwood was good for something...

Garth David-Lloyd as Solas in DA:I in the last DLC he gives a masterful performance as a tragic character trying to save his people a second time that he openly admits that his future plan he will have to destroy the world and kill millions and yet you really can't hate him because he's not an insane hateful bastard in fact it's actually wants the world to have some peace before he ends it makes him even more sad and even tells the Inquisitor he would love to be proven wrong.
I hope Lloyd returns as Solas in the next Dragon Age this guy could be one of the greatest villains in video games.

Eve Myles as Merrill in Dragon Age II, Merrill might be the sweetest eleven blood mage obsessed with fixing a magic mirror to the point where she is exiled from her clan for doing it. She is also extremely naive to the point of being kind of being kind of stupid. She also babbles a lot. She also grows as a character (IMHO Merrill and Isabela are the only two love interests that have decent if very predicable character arcs in DA2) she also has the best grossed out "ooh" ever recorded.

Simon Templeman as Kain in The Legacy of Kain series and Loghain in Dragon Age: Origins and a ton of other characters. These two characters are two of the most complex and greatest anti-heroes or villains in games. J

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