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Agreed! I've played through as a male as well but I just didn't think Mark Meer brought anywhere near the subtlety that Hale does to the female version of the character. Male Shepard comes off as either a superhero or a cackling psycho, but Female Shepard is sympathetic and likeable and "real" no matter how far you go towards one end or the other of the paragon/renegade spectrum.

The rest of the voice cast in the games is great too, with Kieth David being a real standout as Anderson (who also really impressed me in Gargoyles back in the day).

Ironically, Tara Strong replaced Sorkin in the Arkham video games and did such a good job that I can't even tell it's a different actress.

Batman: TAS had so many fantastic voice actors, though. Kevin Conroy's voice is so ingrained on my psyche as "Batman" that nobody else sounds right unless they're doing an impression of him. And the rest of the cast is nearly as iconic, with Mark Hamill's Joker, Efrem Zimbalist's Alfred, Adrienne Barbeau's Catwoman and Sorkin's Harley leading the pack.

Don't forget that she also played a character in Robotech Invasion called Guppy.
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