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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post

And it's not only the patients who would be uncomfortable. Deanna must have had super thick skin to not be bothered by all the patients ogling her while she was trying to work. Though I suppose she'd have to be used to it, considering Betazoid culture in general and her own mother's behaviour.
Well we do get a good look at most of that skin.

I suppose the idea is humans are now evolved beyond having a perv... Well except for Riker. And Worf that time he oggled Vash. And Robin Leffler when she was checking out Wesley. And that woman ensign in Encounter at Farpoint who is really keen to show Riker how to use her interface...

The First Contact-style uniforms are one of the few Trek costume styles that I actually like, to be honest. The TOS ones just look like casual wear and the early TNG skin-tight stuff were just awkward. The late TNG stuff looked good but were a bit too stiff and formal (Geordi looks ridiculous crawling through the Jefferies Tubes in the things), and you could say the same for the gorgeous-but-impractical red outfits from the later TOS films. The early DS9/Voyager uniforms had potential as futuristic work-overalls, but they were cut weird and didn't wind up looking all that practical -- I think the Enterprise uniforms finally managed to pull off the look they were going for with these.
I suppose you could argue the FC outfits are a bit dark considering Trek's general reputation for colour, but yeah, I do like them.

Of course, in the perfectly controlled environment of a spaceship a simple jumpsuit is probably all you'd need (though Star Fleet have a real problem with appropriate clothing for different missions and environments, how many time across all the shows do characters go on stealth missions in their brightly coloured costumes?).

It's odd actually how the TOS uniforms really work despite, as you say, being far too fancy for day to day wear. They just look right somehow.

(I honestly don't remember what the TMP uniforms even look like.)
They give you a nice idea of what Stephen Collins penis looks like.

I never really noticed that Ro and Crusher weren't wearing the looser-cut outfits until this last watch-through, but Shelby's really bothered me. I think I just noticed it because she wasn't as...statuesque as most of the recurring female cast.
I know the actress felt a lot of stress about fitting into that outfit again after the summer break.

Shelby was fantastic, how the hell did we get Laxwana every year but not one return appearance from her?

I never really noticed Ro as a kid, but when going through the show on Blu Ray... yeah, Michelle Forbes wore it well.

I'm just a disgusting pervert after all.

That probably would have been the way to go after Generations, I agree. I don't think it would have even changed the plot of the following movies all that much. It would have been a tad more difficult to get Picard involved in First Contact if he wasn't captain of his own ship, but Insurrection and Nemesis both start off with diplomatic missions that a flag officer would plausibly be assigned to.
The Enterprise being on a diplomatic mission in Nemesis would have been a sensible way to use Worf as well, have Shebangs specifically request the Ambassador handle the negotiations knowing it'll be Picard that brings him (in the final film his entire plan would have been buggered if they'd sent any other ship).

Oh, and I just remembered another reason why Insurrection was hopelessly stupid -- they spent all that time dicking around on a backwards nothing planet while the Federation was embroiled in a desperate war for its own survival against the Dominion. You couldn't even handwave it as "no, no, it's being released in the same year as season 6/7 of DS9 but it's actually set a few years before" because they actively call it out. I mean, hell, the Breen are bombing San Francisco and the Jem'hadar are rampaging across Betazed. Don't you guys have better things to do?
I can see why they did Insurrection as a stand alone film. Even allowing for the fact that DS9 was a lot less popular than TNG so even a majority of the American audience wouldn't know about the Dominion War, in pre-streaming days a film dependent on international box office couldn't really tie into the plot of a series that was being broadcast at different rates all over the world. I think when it came out Sky was roughly up to speed with DS9 (maybe a few weeks behind?), but for those of us dependent on BBC2 the film would have been our first introduction to the Dominion War. Doing a standalone made more sense in terms of audiences.

Of course, in retrospect, knowing that (though it wasn't a disaster, it just did OK and a lot down on FC) it was the beginning of the end they might as well have gone all out on a full on fanwank Dominion War film. Though based on Nemesis Picard would have stormed Cardassia by himself and head butted the female changling to death.

Or you know, at least mention Worf's been having a bad time of it.

IIRC Michael Piller did ask Behr about doing some sort of crossover with the War in DS9, but was told it would probably be over by the time the film came out. Considering how pissed he was about the treatment of the Defiant in FC I wouldn't be surprised in Behr just lied so he could carry on just doing his own thing.

I did enjoy seeing her utterly shut down by Picard, Data and Spock, though. She deserved it for being phenomenally stupid.
The "Have you considered another career?" line is the best bit of the two parter.

There are fans who, even now, say Selar should have been the lead villain in Nemesis. Which is akin to those G1ers who insist what's really wrong with the Bay films is they're not a direct remake of the '86 movie. I mean, whatever problems Nemesis has, Tom Hardy's performance isn't one of them and the idea that having Lois and Clark semi-regular Crosby as the main baddy rather than someone who has gone on to be a well liked big Hollywood star is silly.

Eh. Nearly every alien on Star Trek is super-strong. Just make him part Vulcan or Klingon and call it a day.
Nero was a Romulan and everyone still called him a cheap Khan knock off.
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