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The young lady who won the book seemed delighted with it on twitter yesterday, but--whilst it's clearly of historical value (even if Roberts hadn't gone on to do anything else, an entirely self published Transformers book is a pretty insane thing. Especially before the sort of lazy and easy ways of self publishing some tossers use today were available) and I'd not say no if the chance to get a copy came up... I think I can live with the PDF.

Though having the PDF and access to easy self publishing, if anyone has a good scan of the cover we could print our own and say, sell one "Original" every few months. We'd be rich! Rich!


If I've worked it out correctly the second part of the Cosmic Carnival will be (counting the Annuals/Collected Comics/Addendums) 200th Transformation piece. That means I've got less that two weeks to come up with something celebratory.

Maybe I'll randomly attack myself for no readily apparent reason other than to pad things out?

I've been browsing a draft of the Other Book On Transformers that will be coming next year (I can't go into details as it's not formally been announced yet, and as it's coming from a proper publisher I'd probably get the author--who foolishly thinks I know enough to be sent an advanced draft--into trouble. But it obviously won't be as good as mine) and was reminded of something Tom touched upon earlier:

Back when this started a lot of people did actually ask me to do detailed synopses and credits. That wasn't the sort of thing I wanted to do (having grown tired of the approach I'd used for the reviews here), but it did come up again when I started on the book version as a few people did think a proper book would need them for context.

I did consider it as whilst there's plenty of online synopses, there's only been that now very outdated Prime Targets in print. Luckily finding out this other book that is actually doing all that was coming relieved me of that and saved an awful lot of rewriting. Huzzah!
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