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Though I have previously considered printing off my own copy as a one off (putting it out of mind as I'd need help with the layout and cover, so that person would have to have a copy as well. Then there'd be a few "Well, so and so must have one, they're a good mate and they deserve it!" folk and the whole thing grows out of hand), I'd not do so without getting some sort of permission from Roberts, which he'd probably not be able to give these days, even clandestinely.

So if someone cad passing through nicks my fiendish money making scam, I'll be really annoyed.

Because I won't see any money from it.

Who got it? Anyone we know?
I didn't recognise them, they said they were bringing it to the TFCon in Charlotte so get signed, so presumably an American/Canadian.

BTW -- not in this evening but will make podcast edit tomorrow all being well. Will be quicker if someone lets me know what bit to clip out, rather than re-doing from new original source.
Did Terome not send you a file with the new edit in it? I was under the impression he had.
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