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IIRC Guinan was in Star Trek: Nemesis although it might have been in a deleted scene at the wedding where someone (it might have been Wesley Crusher) asked her if she had any thoughts on re-marrying and she makes a crack "No. the 20th time was enough for me" or something to that effect. There was also a deleted scene at the end (I think) where Dr. Crusher was the new head of Starfleet Medical (I think there might have been more references to this but it was also deleted for time) to make room for the new Captain's chair with a seat belt gag.

I think if a lot of the deleted scenes (that aren't just pure fan wanks) were added back in to Nemesis it actually make more sense continuity wise.

Why Worf was there was never explained.
I've always thought the best way to explain why Worf is there is that he should've been a guest at wedding (which would make the most sense) when they get the mission they can't take him back to the Klingon Empire because it's in the opposite direction and, so he comes along for the ride (if anything else they should have added a scene where tells Picard that he contacted the Empire and now he's there officially to make sure the Klingon Empire isn't going to be threaten by the problems on Romulus) and also because he's a badass Klingon Warrior what is going to do, sit on his ass and let Picard have all the fun?

Some of Nemesis problems were an over-packed script, a director known for action films, poor editing decisions (by a director who was an editor no less) to make it action-packed and that meant quick pacing. The cost of that quick pacing was the lost of most of the movie's story and thematic elements. The major theme was supposed to be the end of a family, but other than Picard, Data, Riker, and Troi none of the other characters in the cast get much to do if anything other than spout the usual Star Trek technobabble.

I still think Star Trek: Nemesis is much better than the 2 directed by JJ Abrams which are 100% crap.

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