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Oh it's crazy fun, if you're into TF and Platinum's kind of games. Just spent at least an hour screwing around with one of the Challenge Missions: 2v1 fight involving two of the bosses. It's that kind of tough where it ain't easy, but doesn't feel impossible. Virtually all the deaths were down to mistimed dodges/parries. Probably would have gone easier had I tried to make sure my gear and stats were buffed up.

Something to note: You get ranked on how well you do with each mission and total for the whole chapter, as is standard with this genre. C, B, A, S, and SS. However, at least on the normal difficulty, you don't automatically SS a mission by speeding through it and taking no damage. Doing that does contribute points to the score that determines the rank but actually using the combat mechanics nets you more points overall.
I've had missions where I slow rolled my way through and got smacked around a bit but still pulled a high rank because I worked in a lot of parries, reversals, rush attacks, headshots, etc.
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