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Alix Regan as the British female Inquisitor in DA:I Regan has been in several BioWare games she was in Dragon Age: Origins as a Knight loyal to Loghain who can be a boss battle or you talk her out of it. She also played a different character in the DA:O-Awakening as the only character who dies in Joining ritual to become a Grey Warden. While those parts were decent she really didn't get much to do with them I guess her big break came as Communication Specialist Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect 3 which was first time BioWare had introduced an openly 100% lesbian character to their game. Now before you start saying that they had lesbian and gay characters in their games before ME3 technically they didn't they had bisexual characters (except for Junhi in Kotor but she both in metaphorically and literally in the closet because of Lucasarts not wanting LGBT characters in the Star Wars Universe) Liara, Leliana, Zevran, Silk Fox, Sky, Kelly Chambers, The Asari Consort, and all of the love interests in Dragon Age II (except for Sebastian who was straight and chaste) were all romanceable by both genders. Traynor was romanceable only by female Shepard and she had great chemistry with Jennifer Hale although Traynor is a great character she came in so late in the series and all my Femsheps ended up with Liara (except for one) it made it hard to start a relationship because of being with so long and through so much with Liara to leave her.

Then she got do the Inquisitor as the default human and elf voice and Samlee Montaro as the default Dwarf and Qunari voice although you can switch both around). Surprise she's in my opinion the better of the two for the human, elf, and dwarf. Although IMHO Montaro is the better voice for the female Qunari due do her slightly deeper voice and American accent she does for the game and that sounds better coming out a 7+ foot tall character with horns on her head than Regan's rather gentle upper-middle class posh British accent just sounds off to me in regards to the Qunari.

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