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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Where Shinzon is concerned, though, I'm pretty sure it was on purpose. One of the biggest problems with the movie is that it tries to riff on The Wrath of Khan far, far too much.
Didn't all last three Trek films try to sell their villains as "the next Khan"? (I wouldn't be surprised if that "tradition" extended further than that either)

It kind of reminds me of what one of the producers of the Bond films said at some point; "Every time we tried to make another Goldfinger, we ended up with another Thunderball" - or something in those lines anyway.

Also I give you that Star Trek IV doesn't present you with any big ideas or deep message apart from the obvious ecological one, but it is essentially a feature-length comedy episode. There's no real villain apart from the alien probe which is more of a convenient plot device than a character in it's own right, and the only real danger the characters get to is when Chekov falls off a ledge. Even in the hospital chase scene we're provided with a humorous musical score emphasizing the lack of seriousness in the situation.

So yes, while the Abrams movies were also copping their ideas from the preceding films, they also didn't do them even half as well.

I'm also dreadfully biased in favour of anything TOS. TMP is also my favourite Star Trek film so that might give you some idea about my tastes

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