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I have! I loved the first...oh, half of them, I'd say. But after he blew up Excalibur and split up the crew I found that the magic was gone, and I just got less and less interested with each ensuing time-skip.
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Oh, and on New Frontier, I read the initial mini-series and the next two full length books, but lost track of it after that and it looks a rather hard series to just jump into.
Seems to be general experience of the series. I'd say you can read the four mini-novels plus #5 and #6 and skip ahead to Stone and Anvil (which is mainly flashback) plus maybe Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing and get the best of it. There's also a short story collection, No Limits, although I don't recall anything particularly memorable. Plus the obligatory short stories in anthologies such as Tales of the Dominion War, which also has a brilliant Scotty/McCoy story.

PAD wanders off into fanfic territory and power level creep a lot of the time. Didn't think he'd pull it back after Blind Man's Bluff, but the first part of The Returned doesn't seem too bad so far in that respect and will hopefully be a better capstone if that's where it wraps up. Overall it's been a neat concept.
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