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The staggering thing about Baird as a director is even Paramount didn't think he was any good at it. They desperately wanted him to do the job he's actually talented at and perform an emergency edit on (IIRC) Mission Impossible 2 and Tomb Raider, the deal he struck was to get to direct a film afterwards. They literally looked down their list of projects and put him on the one they gave they least amount of **** about (over Berman's head) as quid pro quo for getting Lara Croft's boobs to bounce in slow motion properly.
As editor who has worked a LOT with Richard Donner over the years even Donner said Braid can be a huge pain in the ass to work with just as an editor. Donner said he would walk out of the editing room saying that he would never work with Donner and a hour later they would be back to cutting whatever film they were working on and this went on almost every picture the two worked on (this was especially true on the troubled productions of Superman: The Movie and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut) and they worked on a lot of movies together.

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