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Seems to be general experience of the series. I'd say you can read the four mini-novels plus #5 and #6 and skip ahead to Stone and Anvil (which is mainly flashback) plus maybe Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing and get the best of it. There's also a short story collection, No Limits, although I don't recall anything particularly memorable. Plus the obligatory short stories in anthologies such as Tales of the Dominion War, which also has a brilliant Scotty/McCoy story.
I'd need to reread the early ones first, it's been nearly 20 years! I can remember the miniseries well enough (I used to have the audiobook, I even remember the first one being free with SFX, though I got the little hardback they did for the entire series) but couldn't tell you what happened in 5 and 6 if my life depended on it beyond the covers joining up.

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...and I just watched The Storyteller. Bajorans deflect an evil cloud with MIND-BEAMS!!!
Well, it's not as if super telekinetic mind powers aren't an established part of Trek going back to the second pilot.
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